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The Aqua Systems of Houston difference

At Aqua Systems of Houston, we do things differently than the rest of the water industry. You will understand what that means once you go through our site and have received our "Intro Email.” This will provide you with pictures, prices and warranty information. Take time and research the market—you will come to the right conclusion.

Most companies are reluctant to give you a price on a water softener or water purification system unless they come to your home and “pitch you.” We think it’s best to be clear and transparent upfront. The more you know about the water industry, the more you’ll understand Aqua Systems offers the best quality products, price, warranty and service.

9 out of 10 Homeowners that talk with Aqua Systems choose Aqua Systems, Nationwide!

Point Of Entry (POE)
Softener / Filtration Systems

POE systems are usually a water softener, water filter or both. Depending on what your water constitutes needing, or what your preference is, you can very efficiently and effectively soften AND filter Both at Point Of Entry. We use nothing but the best, High Catalytic Carbon for removing chlorine, chloramines, VOC chemicals, Taste and Odor. The POE softener/filtration system pictured to the right is the most demanded system sold and installed in the Houston market, it’s Aqua Systems SmartChoice GEN II City CC. This system provides you multiple benefits. Economically: Safe/Soft/Filtered water at every water using fixture and appliance. This makes it real convenient to be able to drink water at any faucet and it helps sustain all water using fixtures and appliances to keep them operating and looking like new. You also cut back 50% on all soap and cleaning products. Clothes last and look new longer. Cleaning your home is a breeze; no more soap scum removers or limestone removers ... those are a thing of the past. What it does for your skin, hair, clothes, linens etc. is mind-blowing. Once you experience totally soft water, you will wonder why you never had a water softener in the past. And your done lugging water or changing filters every 6-months. You will never want to live in a home without 100% soft/filtered water again!

Point Of Entry (POE) Softener / Filtration Systems
Point Of Use (POU) Drinking Water / Filtration Systems

Point Of Use (POU)
Drinking Water / Filtration Systems

There are different ways to have safe great tasting drinking water. Depending on what you do at POE, will help determine what you do at POU. We offer a 2-Stage drinking water system as well as a 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis system. With any drinking water system, be sure you install a system that does NOT use proprietary filters, always be sure it is a Universal Filtered system. The cost for proprietary filters can be out of this world and there is NO difference in water quality with a proprietary or universal filtered system…just a huge difference on the effects of your wallet.