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SmartChoice™ Gen II

SmartChoice™ Gen II is an ultra-smart appliance with low power consumption and a user-friendly water system at an affordable price. There are different designs available with different features, such as historical information logs on water-usage patterns and a system malfunction alert.

All parts are made of non-corrosive material and have a seven-year limited warranty. As part of an exclusive exchange program, one can easily request for replacement of removable parts – that is if you ever need a replacement. Aside from that, the mineral and brine tanks are covered with a lifetime warranty. We can fix the equipment right at your home at your convenience or bring it to back to our service center.

SmartChoice™ Gen II

Custom Systems

Whatever your needs are in a water softener for home, just tell us and we will provide you with everything you need.
Our water treatment specialists are well-trained to provide you with all your water conditioning needs.

SmartChoice™ Gen II City
SmartChoice™ Gen II City

The SmartChoice™ Gen II City gives you all of the benefits of a traditional water softener system, plus it also:

- Removes chlorine and other chemicals before they enter your home
- Neutralizes unpleasant odors and discoloration of water
- Reduces the drying effects of chlorine for healthier skin and hair
- Keeps clothes softer, brighter, and more colorful
- Eliminates chlorine corrosion of fixtures and appliances
- Improves air quality by preventing the release of harmful chemical vapor into your home
- Exclusive interchangeable components allow for easy service and carbon exchange